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We are Tiago and Sandra and we have been married for 10 years. We love each other, filming and together we are the creative vision behind the lens of Caldeira Wedding Films.

We got married near the beach in Nazare, a small touristy village in Portugal, but one known worldwide for its magnificent waves. Surfers come from all around to surf the huge waves, which we are happy enough just watching.


Since we started our lives together, we have developed a passion for filming, and it has since become a way of life for us.

Planning a wedding day is so exciting, and with so many important decisions to make, our aim is to provide you with a film that you will not only be able to share with your loved ones, but also watch after your honeymoon with happy tears in your eyes. Can you picture it?


We have had the privilege of filming in some stunning venues, such as Botleys Mansion and Peckforton Castle. We have filmed in many different locations, in different conditions. We get asked about how we work alongside photographers, and although we may not know your photographer personally, we have developed some great relationships with several photographers over the years. We team up with your photographer, together offering you full coverage of your wedding day, as videography isn’t a substitute for photography, and vice-versa.


Our filming style is both traditional and documentary: traditional because we have an artistic approach to our films, using high-quality equipment and sophisticated shooting styles (such as aerial shots), and documentary because we cover the full day from beginning to end and include all the little details that would normally pass unnoticed but actually make your wedding day individual and special.


In all our packages we are yours for the full day. We need nothing from you except for you to forget that we’re there and focus on enjoying yourselves completely; we do the rest.

Our aim is to be completely discreet so you feel as comfortable as possible, and to provide you with a stunning wedding film that you’ll be proud to share with those you love.

We invite you to view our work on our portfolio page, and see if our style touches your heart. If we meet your criteria then please take a look through our FAQs, or contact us using the contact page.


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