How to make the father of the brides' speech memorable?

The run up to a wedding is an exciting time for everyone involved; however as the days count down and the big day approaches there are some of the party that may be left feeling more nervous than others.

One important role during the big day is of course the father of the bride, not only the person who gives away his precious child but also presents one of the anticipated speeches during the reception.








Our role in producing a wedding video is one that involves plenty of careful consideration and planning, we take pride in producing high quality videos and it is for that reason we would like to offer you some recommendations and guidance. We have based this on our knowledge and previous experiences which we know will enhance the production of your daughter’s wedding film.

Not only that but the wedding video and the hiring of photographers and videographers for their big day is somewhat of an investment for the bride and groom; and what better way to ensure that they have spent their money well then by giving a great performance when it comes to your speech.

Great speeches tend to be emotional and heartfelt re-telling some wonderful moments shared between a father and daughter.









If you are the father of the bride then you might find yourself concerned with exactly what it is that your speech should contain. In fact even the greatest of actors need some prompting on their lines from time to time and it is certainly no different when being filmed in a wedding video.









Historically the father of the bride speech is a tale of your daughter’s life; told from the eyes of her doting father. It is important to include one or two stories from her childhood that you think other wedding guests would like to hear; the time that she started riding lessons, her first ballet performance or perhaps even her school prom whatever it is that shows how far she has come and what has shaped the person she is today.











Once you have shared stories from her past it is time to look at who your daughter is right at this moment; the qualities and traits that make her so wonderful and the reasons why you love the woman that she has become. Don’t be afraid to say things that are from the heart as these will be shown in the emotion that you convey (and no-one will judge you if you shed a tear or two).











A final closing part of your speech that you might want to include is her future with your new son-in-law. Perhaps you could recall how he asked for your permission to proposal, or even the proposal itself? Why not speak about the love that you see shared between them and how you are hopeful that they will have a long and beautiful future together! If there is a story your guests will certainly enjoy hearing it and we, of course would love to record it.

Not everyone can be an Oscar winning performer when it comes to wedding speeches but with a careful choice of words and plenty of emotion you can definitely be a leading man, not only in the video but also throughout the life of your newly married daughter.



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