The pros and cons of having your wedding filmed by friends or professionals 


After the highs of your wedding day have passed and you find that you are settling down into married life there is one last wedding related surprise that many people look forward to. That is the bubbling excitement at the prospect of viewing your fresh off the press wedding video; turning on the DVD player with a shaking finger, just waiting to discover the best parts of your special day.

It all depends it seems on your choice of videographer; whether you opt for a professional to capture each of those moments or entrust the task with a family member or friend who can feels confident that they know how to wield a camera.

Each one has their own benefits so let’s find out the differences.











When it comes to planning a wedding there is one thing that seems to crop up quite a few times in conversations between the bride and groom; budget. Weddings themselves can be costly and for some, the money available to make all the arrangements is incredibly stretched. When this happens you may find yourself more tempted to enlist a non-professional to film the day; especially since asking someone within your closest network will be absolutely and completely free of charge.










All videographers will tell you that filming a wedding is one of the nicest experiences that they have. After all it is an incredibly happy occasion and one that everyone will be having a good time. However, it can also be a long day, especially when you think that on top of the filming (which in itself can be around 8 hours) there is also the editing on top of this.
The process of editing a DVD can take a long time; in fact for a 30 minute DVD there is around 55 to 75 hours of production work that will need to be undertaken. This cannot be shortened as the videographer will want to carefully check each recorded minute to make sure that you video captures everything and is unique to you.

A professional videographer will understand how important for you each and every part of the day is and will spend the necessary time working on the footage that you have paid for. In contrast, a friend or family member will give you the raw, unedited footage for you to edit.











Editing is just like any other profession that needs dedication and practice which in turn gives great pride. Much like anything you can expect a better result from someone with plenty of experience rather than someone who has “dabbled” for a couple of months.

If you do opt for a professional over an amateur videographer one thing that you can be sure of is that they will edit the end result to a high standard. This means that you can be guaranteed of a clear video that perfectly encapsulates all those happy memories, whilst making sure that you are in shown in the best light possible.

For example, adding those after effects which only comes with advanced editing software will not only enhance the end result but can also leave your wedding video looking like a smoothly made film. There are also a range of light effects that can be used to highlight areas of low light; making the most of your natural beauty! Whatever part of your big day needs attention, an experienced editor can perform small “miracles“ in order to bring you the most beautiful wedding video.











If you ask any photographer or videographer in the industry how often they renew their equipment you will find that on the most part this is a yearly occurrence.
This ensures that every piece of equipment is in the best condition and also that the latest technology is always used. That way, they can be sure of the very best in colour and sequences. Compared to the one camera that an amateur will have, a professional will be likely to carry around £20k in equipment to capture your big day.
One other technique that professionals can achieve whilst amateurs may not are aerial shots of yourself, the venue and guests which brings a whole new lease of life to your wedding video. In order to capture these extra special angles a special license has to be taken for commercial purposes which incurs an additional £2000 cost for them. With this mind why not ask if they can take some photos of the venue as well as a video?












The number one question asked by brides: When it comes to the first dance and the evening reception do you have enough extra lighting to capture everything? As you may already know, a good film has to have the correct amount of lighting in order to achieve high quality however you will not want to be blinded during your first dance due to too bright lights.
It is for this reason that a professional videographer will have the correct amount of lighting, positioning it strategically so as not to blind you. In comparison an amateur videographer will have very limited light and will be unlikely to pay out for costly extra lighting for a one off use.










Accidents happen to everyone, even professionals. . An expensive set of lens broken during an unexpected fall or perhaps a camera that chooses to stop working for no reason. This is why extra equipment and spare lenses are brought by professionals.

After all, it is s your special day and there is only one chance to get it right. A professional team will make sure that they have one or two spare sets of equipment in case of any technical failures; something that is unlikely with someone who only owns one camera.












One thing that an amateur videographer will have in endless measures is enthusiasm; they will also have some all-important insider knowledge of which family members to approach and the ones that should be steered clear of. Whilst this is of course hugely beneficial it is important to ensure that they understand whilst acting as the videographer of the day they might not get so much of a chance to enjoy the ceremony and that they need to remember to film the entire day.












A professional videographer is just that; a professional at the art of capturing your event on video. With years of experience and knowledge they can use their in depth understanding of all of the best angles, those pivotal moments and key times to be captured throughout the day’s proceedings. They will also know how to set up the ideal shots and can spot something that will look great on camera that an amateur may not pick up on.











Ultimately when it comes to choosing your videographer for that one special day the choice is completely yours but it is important to remember that you only have one chance to get it right. By asking a trusted friend or family member to capture your footage you may save yourself a few pennies but you can also run the risk of ending up with low quality footage.


With a professional you are not only assured of a stunning video but you can also make certain that your wedding will be given the necessary coverage, capturing every moment and leaving those guests lucky enough to have the video shared with them a great impression!


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